Rich Leger's Favored Laguna Beach Cocktails

The "1934" at The Marine Room

This Laguna Beach whirl on a New York sour is named "1934" for the year The Marine Room first opened. It is made with Eagle Rare Whiskey and topped with Laguna's own RED SIREN ZINFANDEL. The organic egg white foam creates the perfect airy backdrop to showcase the 1934 wine-stamp. Without a doubt the favorite cocktail and restaurant of Rich Leger Laguna Beach.

The Cali Cooler in The Deck

That is the go to drink for locals dropping by The Deck for a sunset cocktail or music. Extra resources It features Hendrick's Gin, Shishito peppers, cucumber, lime- mint, ginger beer, and sour - creating a brand new flavor profile that goes down all too quickly when paired with a perfect sunset view.

Fresh Fruit Mojitos at The Rooftop Lounge

The Rooftop Lounge definitely gets the most extensive collection of mojitos and atop La Casa del Camino is maybe the most well-known sunset area of Laguna Beach. The hand-muddled drinks - each made with Bacardi Silver and fresh fruit.

Press at K'ya Bistro Bar

A drink only feels like something you need to be sipping on in the summer. It's made with a splash of Sprite, simple syrup, hand muddled blackberries, Ketel One, and soda water.

Blackberry Lavender Whiskey Moscow Mule at Nirvana Grille

Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales understands flavors and this drink (which she designed) shows it. The blackberries provide the ideal balance of tart and sweet. Ginger beer and lavender are both light flavors also, making this among the very most refreshing whiskey drinks in town.

The 209 Pome is a unique spin on the Pomegranate Martini. It's made with No. 209 Gin blended with Calisaya, Pomegranate, Lemon, and Pama Liqueur - the bright use of bitters and lemon keeps the 209 from having that overly-syrupy flavor.

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Fire Cooler at Three Seventy Common

This is a classic summer sipping cocktail. The drink is created with vodka, passion fruit, cucumber, fresh lime, sour, and ginger beer. Three Seventy Common has been dedicated to craft cocktails and the Passion Cooler is additional evidence of the success of the plan.

This feels such as the drink Jimmy Buffet would sip on while strumming a ukulele. It is made with Sailor Jerry rum, strawberries, lemon sour, and basil. Just like the son of a son of a sailor.

Pure Passion Martini at Sapphire Laguna

The Pure Passion Martini has got the classic spice and sweet thing going for it. It is a smart formula that works (provided that your lips aren't chapped!). Vanilla Infused Ketel One Vodka poured right into a martini glass with a cayenne sugared rim and is shaken with passion fruit puree.

The Dame at Broadway in El Puerto

This original cocktail is a summer-seasonal play on a Cherry Cobbler, one of the earliest and most-revered cocktails. Made with Gutierrez Colosia Amontillado, summer Spice Cherry Oleo- Lemon, Sirop and Sour Cherry Bitters. Rich Leger Laguna beach can’t get enough of those sour cherry bitters. Served over crushed ice with cherry garnish and a mint sprig.

Peach Julep at The Ranch at Laguna Beach

The peach julep is the best example of the southern influences on the menu the restaurant in the Ranch at Laguna Beach, at Harvest. Rich Leger Laguna Beach loves this throwback to a southern classic, with a modern twist! With all the correct amount of prodding, they consented to give the recipe to us instead, although we desired to wax philosophic on the flavor!

{Sandy Kikerpill is Pregnant - Finally!

always knew that when I became pregnant I was really going to desire to record the encounter. I just wasn't certain in what way I needed to do that until the time arrived. Once I took my pregnancy test and it was favorable, each one of these ideas came flooding to me. I determined that I needed to take weekly progression pictures of Sandy Kikerpill to record my ever enlarging tummy and possibly some interesting ones there and here. Also, something that became quite popular right before my pregnancy was the more proper maternity photo shoots.

In case you want to shoot progression photographs, here are a couple tips that I learned that will help you take perfect photographs...

Stand in precisely the same location each time.

When it's possible to do so wear the exact same outfit.

Stand in the front of a plain wall, or backdrop. Remember, your lovely abdomen and you must function as the focus of the picture.

Notice what week it is on a piece of paper and tape it. Or, you can buy midriff decals that will also notice your progression. Sandy Kikerpill really found the belly stickers to help.

That is the ideal time to showcase your character and how you are enjoying your pregnancy during this joyous time. Your little one along with you will most definitely get a chuckle out of the photos. Later on in life, your son or daughter will appreciate the progression pictures and the way you wanted to document their (and your) growth.

There will be days when you do not feel like getting your picture taken, it is inevitable. I had my moments, I won't deny it, but I pushed through it and took those photographs anyhow. And, I'm so glad I did!

Looking back at all of the different photos I shot of Sandy Kikerpill, I can honestly say I feel fulfilled. I don't feel as if I missed out on anything and I did all that I could to record this time that is precious. If you're definitely going to be blessed once in your life having a child, or many times, you never know. So take advantage of the pregnancy you have.

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Jot down your ideas and feelings; shoot pictures, save your pregnancy test, or make a plaster belly cast. Anything you want to do, don't feel foolish or embarrassed about it. great post to read This can be your second, love it!

Rich Leger on Skimboarding of Laguna Beach

They stand on the shoreline in packs, leaning their tanned frameworks from the spade-shaped spears skimboards are called by them. Like every different tribe, their culture is a unique combination of effects. It has codes, symbols, and a unique language. Rich Leger Laguna Beach knows all about these folks that are colorful.

Whenever a thick blue wave comes tumbling toward the sand, one of those skimmers steps forward, claiming the right to hunt it. He hurls his board and it glides across a thin layer of water. The skimmer sprints beside it and he goes airborne, jumps onto the board and rides its impetus right up the peak of the wave, as the wave appears able to crash. In encouragement, the fellow skimmers smack on their boards on coast , making loud, thudding beats.

That is the rite of the skimboarders of Laguna Beach. You are going to see them at Aliso Beach Park, the south side of Crescent, as well as Main Beach (a favorite haunt of Rich Leger Laguna Beach). Wherever waves break on coast, you'll see them waiting, kick sand from nervous habit either on their boards or for some hidden motive unknown .

The best of the tribe can smash on the lip of the wave, carve a swath of water out of its own face, and slip back without so much as one wet hair. So unlucky though. The neophytes--called "groms"--might get swallowed by the wave, knocked backwards by its force, or slapped to the bottom as it crashes. Rich Leger Laguna Beach really wants all to remind you that everyone starts out as a noobie -- it only gets easier from there!

These men and women, girls and boys make up one of the most distinct and fascinating cultures of Laguna Beach and this city is counted by them as the birthplace of their civilization.

There is no debating that skimboarding began in Laguna Beach. In the 1920s it was the way for lifeguards to travel down the beach from one tower to the following and to ride "shore break" that could not be surfed. It ended up being a niche sport, with a couple of dedicated professionals. When the surf-explosion strike in the 60s, skimboarding enjoyed its own new inflow of energy. The top turn carvers becoming popular in surfing shortly found their way to the repertoire of Laguna's best skimmers --who had staked VICTORIA BEACH as their house break.

With competitive surfing coming on strong, in the 70s, a new school of skimboarders made names for themselves. Two of these mavericks, Tex Haines and Peter Prietto, started a company in 1976 named for their preferred break. With skimboarding, Victoria Skimboards, has become interchangeable in the decades since.

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When Sports Illustrated revealed Laguna Beach lifeguard Tom Trager

Prietto and Haines started forming competitions and also the sport continued to grow its public image.

After surviving slowdown the sport has seemingly figured out camps: the recipe for sustained increase and entry level boards for beginners, magazines for fans, and competitions for the professionals. Now, the very best three riders on the leaderboard all hail. The largest event of the season is "The Vic"--held at Aliso Beach Park (Aug. 29-30th, 2015). Rich Leger Laguna beach never misses this one, and does not think anyone else should either! view

It might be hard to argue that the city has ever been connected with a sport, or a sport so greatly tied to its city. In short: Laguna Beach IS skimboarding. It is part of our history and among our most identifiable pastimes.

The Utility for Company of Private Placement Capital Notes

Its existing business model is strained by rapid scaling of any company, and its particular impact reverberates across functions business processes, and the supply chain. To sustain business growth companies frequently rely on routine injection of capital, allowing them develop newer products to prepare their entry into newer markets, create growth, and sustain growth.

To inject the additional capital flow that is needed, businesses typically rely on both of both options:

1. A public sale of business shares

2. Private placement of capital notes/bonds

Difference between Public Shares and Private Placements

these details

Shares are sold publicly on stock exchange markets like the NY Stock Exchange and therefore are open to anybody who will buy them. Private placements on the other hand are focused on alternative investors the company short lists and individually strategies.

Given that shares offers stockholders control on the decision making procedure of the firm, choosing the best stockholders (and consequently stakeholders) proves to be tricky, particularly during the growing phases of the business enterprise.

Where public shares dilute control on the decision making procedure, private placements permit the company to selectively select investors with whom they expect to build long-term relations. It includes a more strategic method of the injection of funds, offering control to the ones that share the current vision of the company creators and therefore will empower them.

Are Private Placement Capital Notes Used?

When a business decides to sell its shares and bonds to your chosen group of investors and closing its doors to the general public a private placement occurs. Therefore, private placements do not require underwriting or enrollment in the SEC. It is commonly used by startups hoping to guard their business, vision, and strategy from being taken over by bigger rivals, and thus has also proved advantageous for larger and more established firms since they take less time plus expense than a public offering.

Placement Kinds -- Traditional and Structured

Where the investors have the chance to leverage the stock exchange and make additional income utilizing the variation, structured private placements, on the other hand are offered as secured shares. Nevertheless, unlike ordinary openly sold shares, the investors are protected with a "reset" meaning that incase the stock prices drops, the investors will soon be given additional stock to reset the loss and bring their share worth up to the worth of the initial investment. find

Non-Transferability as the Greatest Edge

Private placement capital notes cannot be freely traded nor transferred to anybody across the globe. Given that, in general, private placements are only offered to accredited investors who are required to meet rigorous financial minimums offering income, wealth, and concentration of money in different investments, they offer the most robust and safe way of injecting capital into the business and allowing it to grow as the founders have envisioned it to grow.